1. Shredding the Constitution

From our freedom of speech through the 10th Amendment our freedom is in peril.  The Virginia General Assembly joined the National Democrat (Socialist) Party in their assault on those freedoms given by God and insured by our Constitution. I will meet this assault head-on.

  1. 2nd Amendment

The momentum to disarm the citizenry is gaining strength In Virginia. The Liberal Virginia General Assembly got their collective “noses under the tent” and now pledge further dissolution of our 2nd Amendment rights. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the oath I will take when I assume the office of Attorney General…..”the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”….. So help me God.

  1. Protect “life”

The chilling effect of Governor Northram’s approach to “life” is a key reason I have to act, to get in to the arena and turn back this unthinkable assault on ”life”, from inception until death.

Regarding inception vs conception. To me this is complicated by the Supreme Court decision, Roe vs Wade. We, as Catholics, want conception but law, I believe, would be inception.

  1. Enforce laws against illegal immigration to protect all Virginians.

There’s a movement afoot in the U.S., backed by liberal, progressive American supporters of a “One World Order,” to fundamentally transform the U.S. through open borders and mass immigration. This movement has arrived on our shores. As Virginia’s attorney general, I will strictly enforce immigration law to ensure that illegal and poorly vetted immigrants are not settled in Virginia.

  1. Fight for Virginia freedoms against the encroachment of the federal government on issues that matter to Virginians.

Over the last 100 years, the balance of political power has shifted decisively in favor of the federal government in violation of the spirit of the Constitution.  As Virginia Attorney General, I will vigorously fight further federal encroachment on state sovereignty.  I won’t allow the federal government to misuse the power it received in the U.S. Constitution — the greatest document written on national governance.

  1. Review and redress the liberal agenda of the 2020 Virginia General Assembly.

Under firm Democratic control in 2020, the General Assembly a) decriminalized marijuana, b) softened penalties for thieves, c) legalized casinos, d) granted driving privileges to illegal immigrants, e) moved decisively toward abortion on demand, f) relaxed voting laws to the point of same day registration without identification.   When I am elected Virginia Attorney General, I will lead the effort to undo the damage done by this ill- conceived legislation.

  1. Restore the winning tradition of the Republican Party of Virginia after 10 straight statewide losses.

Until 2020 Virginia represented the ideal for individual liberty, limited government, low taxes, and a free economy.  Now, under Democratic rule, it stands for open borders, Big Government, high taxes, and secularism. I want to say in the strongest terms possible that Virginia is only “a blue state for a temporary period.”  When I am elected Virginia Attorney General, I will help “Make Virginia Red Again.”  The Commonwealth of Virginia with the help of its concerned citizens will be great again.