Miscellaneous Issues:


Q: Why do you believe the Republican Party of Virginia has lost 10 straight statewide elections since 2009?

“There are several reasons:

  1. Poor candidates
  2. Poor candidate support by Virginia Republican Party Leadership
  3. Poor vision of party values by the Virginia Republican Party Leadership
  4. Failure to connect with all categories of Virginia voters
  5. Failure to support President Trump, a Republican
  6. Hypocrisy — saying one thing, doing something else.”


Q: In 2008 you lost badly — 79 percent to 29 percent —to Bobby Scott in a race for the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 3rd District in 2012. Five years later (2017) you announced you were running to be Virginia’s next attorney general but failed to get enough signatures to get on the ballot. What makes you think you will get on the ballot and win this year?

“This is 2020 — not 2008 or 2017. After 10 straight statewide-election losses to Democrats, it’s crystal clear to frustrated Republicans that the process for selecting Republican candidates is flawed. Money, favoritism, and cronyism don’t win elections. What wins elections are good candidates with the background, experience, and passion to do what they say they’re going to do. Every time I have lost, the Party has lost.  No one can win without Republican Party support. I am the candidate with the background, experience, and passion who can win if I get Republican Party support. I represent the values of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Virginia. On the heels of Charlottesville, no other candidate comes close.”


Q: Although, at this time, we do not know the Republican Party of Virginia “insider” choice for attorney general, do you think you can beat their eventual choice in the 2021 Primary?

“Absolutely! I can change attitudes. I have the background, ability, and passion to rally Republicans behind the real values of Virginia. The “insiders” of the past do not, as proven in 10 straight loses in a row. They did not save the Republican Party in the past 10 elections despite the $9.5 million spent by the last Republican Party of Virginia attorney general candidate.  Let me also remind you that flawed candidates receiving millions of dollars are still flawed candidates. But if you spend money spent on a candidate with integrity, courage, and real-life experience, the money multiplies exponentially. I am the only Republican candidate in this race with those qualities.”


Q: You are an outspoken supporter of President Trump? Isn’t that going to hurt you in blue Virginia?

“If the leadership of the Virginia Republican Party has learned anything from voters the past three years, it is that Americans like a leader with backbone, who puts America first in jobs, employment, health care, education, and child safety. This is what President Trump, a Republican, stands for. This is why I strongly support him. Also, I disagree that Virginia is a blue state. Virginia is only temporarily a blue state. I will inspire Virginians to make Virginia red again.”


Q: A key reason that Black conservatives traditionally don’t do well in the Black community is that many Blacks consider them “Uncle Tom’s.” Is this an accurate statement? If it is, how are you going to overcome it?

“The statement is true. But remember that Uncle Tom was a euphemism for a person who was lazy, unintelligent, inexperienced, and lacked courage and ability. I am none of those things! I am

  1. a U.S. Marine infantryman,
  2. a U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General commander who retired after for 20 years of combined active, inactive and reserve military service,
  3. the former chairman of the largest Republican Party City Committee in the Commonwealth of Virginia,
  4. the lawyer who has practiced law for more than for 40 years (longer than any Virginia attorney general candidate in American history),
  5. the lawyer that is fluent in Spanish (the language of the second largest minority group in the U.S. and Virginia), and has passed the written bar examinations of two U.S. states.  Enough said!”


Q: What do you say to a person — Black or white — who calls you an “Uncle Tom”?

“See my answer to previous question. Repeat this answer as often as necessary.”


Q: Is bias against Black conservatives in Virginia's Black communities increasing — decreasing — or staying about the same?

“The bias is increasing. The reason is the Virginia Republican Party’s lack of vision, values, and faith in the proud heritage of the Republican Party. Virginia’s Republican Party leaders never go into the Black community until election time — and not always then. The Black community isn’t stupid. They see clearly that Black conservatives are not embraced by Republican Party leadership, and have no place in the top tier of the Party’s leadership. Remember, it was the Republicans — not the Democrats — who were behind the Emancipation Proclamation, the XIII Amendment, the XIV Amendment, AND the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board of Education.  Based on that alone, every Black American should be in the Republican Party. Look no further than the cases of Plessy v. Ferguson, or Aaron v. Cooper, or the Jim Crow South of the 1900s, all fueled by Democrats and the southern Democratic Party. Knowing this — actually being ignorant of this — what does the current leadership of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) do when it comes time to select candidates to run for statewide office — especially after Charlottesville?  Run flawed candidates!”


Q: What does the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) have to do to widen its support in the Black community?

“Short answer: Put the best qualified candidate on the Republican ticket. Long answer: Stop the Party’s good-ole-boy-policies and back-room selection of candidates.”


Q: You’ve been very outspoken against Mark Herring — criticizing him at various times for his lack of energy — lack of leadership —and failing to stand up for the basic concerns of ordinary Virginians? Aren’t you being unfair with Mr. Herring?

“Not at all. I support the U.S. constitution. Mark Herring does not.”


Q: Does your ability to speak Spanish really give you an advantage in this race?

“Without a doubt. If we want to reach the second largest minority group in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we simply can’t let the Democrats portray the Republican Party in the Hispanic community as racist and uninterested in their welfare — when in fact Republican values are far superior to those of the Democrats. I am self-taught in Spanish. What does that say about me, and my use of my time and energy? Better yet, what does this say about how any eventual opponent uses his time and energy?”